Health Valley Event 2021

10 & 11 March



Hand hygiene, how technology can help behavior

Hall 2 11:45 - 12:30

In this session it’s all about hand hygiene in hospitals and how this can be improved by intelligent observation systems. Hand hygiene represents the most important way for hospitals to prevent hospital acquired infections. While a lot of attention is given to hand hygiene, compliance to the current protocols is often not as much as we would like. We are all human and when in a hurry people sometimes forget to wash their hands between patients. All hospitals in the Netherlands perform regular visual observations of staff to check progress in this area.  These visual observations are costly, especially in times when nurses are scarce, and do not present a comprehensive view of compliance.  

Further, observations do not present as an effective tool to manage compliance in an effort to reduce hospital infections. In this session we will dive into the current situation around hand hygiene and the association between hand hygiene and hospital infections, what strategies are being implemented to improve the current situation and what role technology can play in this.

Martijn Kriens

Business support Health & High Tech

Heiman Wertheim

Clinical microbiology

Seth Freedman

Founder & CEO
Intelligent Observation

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