Health Valley Event 2021

10 & 11 March



Plenary programme

Hall 1 14:00 - 16:00

Chair of the day Maarten Steinbuch will take us to the world of Life Sciences and Medtech in the fascinating plenary programme. With Massimo Sartori for example who will go into the human side of robotics and Jolanda de Vries about how our own body can attack cancer cells. But you will also learn more about the HI NL initiative from Maroeska Rovers who will explain how this initiative can stimulate the implementation of innovations. And there will be a discussion about financing expensive medicines hosted by Alain van Gool. Alain will have this discussion with Joep de Groot of Dutch healthcare insurer CZ, Benien Vingerhoed-van Aken of The Netherlands Organisation for Health R&D Zonmw en Bart van Zijll Langhout of EMEA & Janssen. They will each present an innovator who will pitch an innovation within this theme.  And we will present the winner of the HV Bridge Award to one of the three shortlisted projects in which health facilities cooperate with a start-up in the area of blockchain or robotics.


Maarten Steinbuch

Distinguished University Professor
TU/e & coCEO Eindhoven Medical Robotics

Alain van Gool

Professor Personalized Healthcare and Head Translational Metabolic Laboratory

Jolanda de Vries

Head of Department Tumor Immunology Radboudumc and chairman of the Dutch Association for Immunology

Benien Vingerhoed - van Aken

Head of the Department of Translational Research

Massimo Sartori

Associate Professor
University of Twente

Joep de Groot

Chairman of the board

Bart van Zijll Langhout

Vice President Janssen Strategic Alliances Janssen EMEA & Janssen The Netherlands Campus Lead
Johnson & Johnson

Maroeska Rovers

Professor of Evidence-Based Surgery
Radboud university medical centre

Erik van der Garde

Oceanz 3D Printing

Sytze de Roock

Researcher pediatric rheumatology


Main Event Partners

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