Health Valley Event 2021

10 & 11 March



Medical Robotics

Hall 6 10:00 - 11:30

The impact and future of medical robotics

Medical robotics is not only one of the most interesting innovations in healthcare, it also stands to fundamentally change the way we interact with our clinicians. And the number of robots in healthcare will only increase. What does this mean for us, our organisations and society?

In this session we will discuss which robots are already deployed and what the consequences of future developments will be. We will go into various examples of medical robotics and their impact on healthcare.

Lisette van Steinvoren - Stamsnijder

Sr. Project Manager Medical
Holland Innovative / Machnet Medical Robotics

Vincent Groenhuis

Researcher Robotics and Mechatronics
University of Twente

Jenny Dankelman

Professor in BioMechanical Engineering
Delft University of Technology

Linda van den Bedem

Project Leader Robotics
Academy Het Dorp


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