Health Valley Event 2021

10 & 11 March



Healthy Brain

Hall 7 10:00 - 11:30

This year’s thematic healthy brain session will focus on two prestigious initiatives performed in the region, the link between them and the potential value they offer for other scientists and entrepreneurs.

The Healthy Brain Study, which aims to unravel the mechanisms in which the brain works and how it affects our daily lives, gathers data from one thousand people in their thirties and forties. Participants will be followed and screened for one year. With the help of these participants, it will be investigated which social, biological and environmental factors influence the brain. Scientists can use these data to conduct new studies and entrepreneurs might find the data relevant for the development of new innovations. Bram den Teuling, CEO of Orikami, will talk about the opportunity he sees to use the data from the Healthy Brain Study for the development of innovations related to one’s cognitive reserve!

The Food and Cognition initiative started in 2015 in the belief that our food choices do not only affect general health, but also mental health. The initiative aims to provide knowledge on the effect of food and nutrition on mental health. With the aging population, preventing cognitive decline is becoming more challenging and costs associated with neurodegenerative diseases are increasing dramatically. To prevent brain diseases, healthy nutrition is of the utmost importance! Gabriele Gross, principal scientist at Mead Johnson Nutrition / RB, will join the session and talk about the perspective of Mead Johnson Nutrition on the matter and the crucial role of food in one’s cognitive reserve!

Are you enthusiastic about the research being done in the region or do you or your company see potential in the data gathered in these initiatives, join this session and get connected to the frontrunners in the field of healthy brain!

Esther Aarts

Associate PI + coordinator Food and Cognition
Donders Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging, Radboud University

Arthur Willemsen

Managing Director Cognitive Neurosccience

Koen Haak

Associate Principal Investigator and Assistant Professor
Donders Institute for Brain Cognition and Behaviour, Radboudumc

Bram den Teuling


Gabriele Gross

Head of Emerging Sciences Research, Health Innovation, R&D


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