Health Valley Event 2021

10 & 11 March



Data exchange in Care and Cure

Hall 4 11:15 - 12:30

This session is about the development of data exchange in healthcare: from fax to Blockchain! Where did we come from and where are we headed? How are standards helping or holding us back? Is Blockchain an almighty answer? And what’s the state of EHR/PHR ? Or the implementation of ‘GDPR’ ? Learn from successes and mistakes in the industry.

Deze sessie gaat over de ontwikkeling van gegevensuitwisseling in de gezondheidszorg: van fax tot Blockchain! Waar komen we vandaan en waar gaan we naartoe? Hoe kunnen normen ons helpen of tegenhouden? Is Blockchain een almachtig antwoord? En hoe staat het met EPD / PHR? Of de implementatie van ‘GDPR’? Leer van successen en fouten in de industrie.

Bart Jacobs

Professor Interdisciplinary Hub for Security, Privacy and Data Governance
Radboud University

Vincent van Pelt

Senior Advisor

Jeroen van Megchelen

Tagologic BV

Maarten den Braber

Founder & Managing director

Ineke Hazelzet



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