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15 March 2022 - 17 March 2022
Nijmegen, Netherlands
Health Valley Event 2022
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Open until 18 March 2022


We fully understand that the COVID-19 situation brings a lot of uncertainties. Read our Q&A or contact: events@healthvalley.nl

Will Health Valley Event 2022 definitely take place in view of all COVID-19 measures and uncertainties?
We have decided for a hybrid edition of Health Valley Event. This means that it will definitely take place. We are preparing both an online and an onsite event. And by now we have a lot of experience with both set-ups. Shortly before the start, we will decide what the event will actually look like, both online and onsite. This will also depend on the actual COVID-19 measures at that time. 

I have bought an online ticket because of all the uncertainties concerning COVID-19. If it turns out that the live event can still take place, will I then be able to change my ticket? 
We fully understand that the COVID-19 situation brings a lot of uncertainties. That’s why we offer you the possibility to change your ticket into an onsite admission ticket should you change your mind. You will receive a new invoice for the price difference between the online and the onsite ticket. 

What will happen with my onsite 1-, 2- or 3-day ticket if Health Valley Event is cancelled because of the COVID-19 measures then in place?
Health Valley Event is a hybrid event that offers a live onsite as well as an online event. Should the live edition of Health Valley Event in the venue be cancelled because of COVID-19 measures, your ticket will be changed into an online ticket. We will refund you the difference. 

How will you deal with COVID-19 measures at the location?
We will inform you about this shortly before the start of the event. According to the guidelines of the Dutch National Public Health Institute RIVM, events that may take place must ask national participants for COVID-19 entry proof, i.e.:  proof of vaccination, or proof of recovery from COVID-19, or a negative test result through Testing for Entry. International visitors with a EU membership can use an international QR code in the national DCC app. International visitors without EU membership must always be tested through Testing for Entry. We will of course do everything to prevent contamination and your health is always our top priority. In case of any symptoms we also ask you to stay home and not attend. 


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