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15 March 2022 - 17 March 2022
Nijmegen, Netherlands
Health Valley Event 2022
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Open until 18 March 2022

Programme & tracks

In 2022, HVE will take place on 15 March - 17 March 2022 in hybrid form: onsite in Pathé Nijmegen with an online event programme: Connect, Challenge and Grow! The whole programme contribute to our joint social challenge: 

“Ensure that we will at least live 5 years longer in good health by 2040 and reduce the health differences between social classes by 30%.”

Check out the complete agenda.

Day 1:  15 March - Connect

An afternoon with an international matchmaking programme and various project meetings. Day 1 ends with an international matchmaking dinner.

Day 2:  16 March - Challenge

This day offers a full-day programme with a focus on the biggest challenges in healthcare. We will share the most recent developments in Life Sciences & Health and welcome contributions from participants. We will do so during the plenary programme, on the exhibition floor, in workshops and matchmaking activities or in one of the many inspiring tracks. 

Day 3:  17 March - Grow

This day offers a full-day programme with a focus on the growth & implementation of care innovations.We will share the most recent developments in Life Sciences & Health and welcome contributions from participants. We will do so during the plenary programme, on the exhibition floor, in workshops and matchmaking activities or in one of the many inspiring tracks. 

Various tracks

In close collaboration with the AAL Programme, the 3-day programme offers a choice of various tracks for participants.

Track 1: Business in healthcare

Running a business in healthcare is a real challenge with a complex healthcare system, regulations, reimbursement system or validation.  As entrepreneur you are often looking for the right business model, financing or experts in the field of IP or MDR. This track will offer you as entrepreneur tools to accelerate the time to market or scale-up of your product or service.

Track 2: Ageing well

Maintaining a good quality of life as we grow older is and will remain a challenge. This is partly the result of the ageing population we face with a growing demand for healthcare and social services, the scarce economic means and increasing socio-economic inequality. With the biggest challenge for people with dementia, chronic sickness or lifelong disabilities. This track will provide insight into how we can support this group in the current digital age in maintaining an active lifestyle with physical and mental wellbeing. The wide range of topics includes examples of healthcare restructuring, new collaboration initiatives and the role of digital technologies to promote active and healthy living. This track is realized in collaboration with AAL.

Track 3: Healthcare of the future

How do the latest developments in the area of medtech, biotech, personalised health, 3D printing, imaging en diagnostics ensure that we can at least live 5 years longer in good health? Be inspired and surprised by this track with the most recent innovations and research. 

Track 4: Prevention

The burden of disease can be prevented by a healthier lifestyle and living environment, in other words: prevention. This track offers a varied range of sessions in terms of content about projects, initiatives and innovations that can contribute to prevention. Think of reducing and preventing obesity by being physically activity and healthier nutrition. But also programmes such as TopFit and other national initiatives with multidisciplinary collaborations in the area of care, technology and behaviour. 

Track 5: Digitization

Care will increasingly be organized within the own living environment. And digital care is contributing substantially to this change. Are you interested in the latest possibilities of AI, Deep Learning, data transmission & transfer, the storage and privacy of data? In that case, don’t miss this track with a lot of interesting sessions.

Track 6: Sustainable health(care)

We want to keep our healthcare sustainable, now and in the future. The Green Deal sustainable care has already been signed by more than 200 parties. This tracks offers insight in how care organisations become more sustainable. Think of dumping less medicine residue in the sewerage system and working on a healthy workplace and living environment for care staff and patients, the use of sustainable energy, CO2 reduction but also circular and socially responsible procurement.

Track 7: European collaboration

Our health and care are not limited by borders. The whole of Europe is facing the same social challenges. Health Valley has been working for years as ecosystem to change the care system in the Netherlands in such a way that it matches our goal of becoming old in a healthy way. But there are also ecosystems in other countries that are committed to solving the social challenges we face. In this track, realized in collaboration with AAL, we bring ecosystems from the whole of Europe together. Learn from each other. And explore together how we can collaborate in this decade in how to handle healthcare challenges and opportunities in an increasingly sustainable manner. 


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